Environmental impact

An environmental and sustainable gesture!


Always striving to evolve fully respecting the environment, PrimeEnergy is committed to sustainable development in every way!

The purpose of the so called “clean” power generation is to avoid harmful CO2 emissions, using a power source 100% natural and renewable: the sun!
Its light is not only free, but available for everyone. We thus avoid the many geopolitical conflicts arising from energy requirements in oil, gas, coal or uranium …


To capture the sun’s rays and convert them into energy we use photovoltaic modules, composed mostly of silicon and glass, which are natural sources materials too.

However, we can not ignore the energy consumed in the manufacture of a solar panel: the carbon footprint !


Our priority now is to minimize our carbon footprint by offsetting the CO2 emissions generated during the production of our modules.

To reach our goals, we select carefully our panels, already thinking in recycling them. We also intend to promote reforestation by planting one tree for each one panel installed on our solar power plants.

According to HESPUL* calculation, this will result to nullify our energy footprint and thus make our positive CO2 balance!

*HESPUL/Système photovoltaïques : fabrication et impact environnemental/directed by par Cécile Miquel under the direction of Bruno Gaiddon, july 2009



PrimeEnergy is committed to a cleaner energy future, and what about you?