Impact Investing

PrimeEnergy Cleantech offers today an unique opportunity to participate in financing our photovoltaïc solar plants. The impact investing.
You take part in our development through a sustainable and directly linked to real economy solution, generating stable and predictable returns.

By subscribing to our corporate bonds you will contribute to a cleaner energy future !

Your advantages :


  • Investment in the real economy
  • Impact investing
  • Your money works in solar photovoltaic plants
  • Developing clean electricity production
  • Your investment is protected from financial market risks
  • Stable, sustainable interests
  • An environmentally-responsible investment
  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Transparency
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Our Green bonds


Today, we get concret solutions, which are perfectly mixing durability and rentability! That’s exactly the commitment of PrimeEnergy Cleantech SA in Geneva, specialized in sustainable investments since 2011. By this way, we give the opportunity to invest directly into huge photovoltaic solar plants, near to your home! Impact investing.


A1CH052066484510.04.202010.04.20252.35%CHF 10'000.-CHF 5'000'000.-2.5%prospectus d'émission
B1CH052066485210.04.202010.04.20272.85%CHF 10'000.-CHF 5'000'000.-3.5%prospectus d'émission
C1CH052066491010.04.2020 10.04.20303.25%CHF 10'000.-CHF 5'000'000.-5%prospectus d'émission


Thank to PrimeEnergy, everybody can become an eco-responsible financial actor, by subscribing to our Green Bonds! That bonds will finance solar projects to produce green electricity. That electric power, injected into the network, or directly consumed by the final customer, is bought at a fixed price during 20 or 25 years. It guarantees a stable income, which totally responds to bond issues. Those give an annual, fixed interest, which are directly paid to the subscriber each year. Finally, the invested amount will be refund at the maturity date.


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Tranche A1 : 2.35% - Maturity 10.04.2025 - Subscription fees 2.5%
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Tranche B1 : 2.85% - Maturity 10.04.2027 - Subscription fees 3.5%
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Tranche C1 : 3.25% - Maturity 10.04.2030 - Subscription fees 5%
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