B. Piccard & PrimeEnergy

Our PrimeEnergy Green Bonds have been labelled “Efficient Solu-tion” by the SolarImpulse Foundation, which is responsible for bringing together 1,000 innovative and cost-effective solutions for the environmental protection and the energy transition! In addition to their attractive yields, our bonds successfully serve the environmental cause by achieving significant CO2 savings for the planet

“The sun allows me to fly … and also to invest!” is the motto chosen by Mister Bertrand Piccard, pilot of the solar airplane SolarImpulse and investor at PrimeEnergy.

As we share the same “solar philosophy”, we were destined to meet the emblematic representative of photovoltaics in Switzerland. We are deeply convinced that the dependance on fossil or nuclear energies is not a fate.
Through his Solar Impulse 2 adventure Bertrand Piccard holds the same vision as we do throughout the implementation of our solar photovoltaic plants.


Today generate electricity from solar energy is not only an ecological gesture, it’s become an ethical investment model, profitable and above all sustainable.


Mr. Piccard involves himself not only financially, but also in a personal way with PrimeEnergy. He became our ambassador and is committed to support us in our development.


As for us, we closely follow his world tour in a solar airplane wishing him one of the sunniest success!