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Sunny perspectives


Eternally faithful and always on time, it represents a real guarantee for a cleaner energy future,

but also for your financial investments. The sun does not know the crisis…


Germany has understood. World leader in the renewable energy sector, it established a new record in production of solar electricity last May.

The rate of sunshine allowed to photovoltaic installations of the country to provide more than a third of national consumption.


That’s why since 2005, PrimeEnergy has built a portfolio of 97 solar photovoltaic power plants through Europe.

Producer of clean electricity, we inject 42,66 GWh of energy in electricity grid per year, mainly in Germany.


With your participation, we will achieve our primary objective:
100 GWh of energy production!


To contribute to the development of renewable energy, PrimeEnergy Cleantech offers today a stable investment opportunity, profitable but mainly sustainable.

PrimeEnergy commits himself in this energetic revolution, and what about you ?