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Centrale de Besencens bientôt terminée !04/07/13

L'installation de 265 kWp sera très prochainement raccordée au réseau.

Cette centrale constitue notre première réalisation sur le canton de Fribourg.

L'inauguration, sous forme d'une journée solaire, est prévue en date du samedi 24 août 2013 au pied de la centrale!

Connection of the 22nd plant in Sardinia - Italy14/02/13

We are pleased to inform you that our 22nd photovoltaic plant, with a power of 290 KWp, is now connected to the network.

A new installation for PrimeEnergy Cleantech SA !16/12/12

The 21st solar plant has been connected on November, the 15th 2012 in Alsleben - Germany. Its total power is 1360 KWp.

An installation of 66,11 KWp in Vogtland.22/10/12

We're pleased to inform you that we've added our 20th solar plant to our park. Tipersdorf - Germany

First plant in Switzerland for PrimeEnergy Cleantech SA !08/09/12

The first plant in Switzerland has been connected to the network in Allschwil, in canton Basel-Land.

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